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Top Chocolate Treats in Augusta Break Rooms

Silky smooth and sweet, chocolate is the perfect treat. Because World Chocolate Day is July 7, we’re recognizing this favorite sweet.

We’ve pulled together great chocolate options you’ll find in Augusta break rooms. Indulge as a mid-morning treat or to fuel you through the afternoon slump.

3 Favorite Chocolate Treats for Your Break Room

Here are some top choices to enjoy from your Augusta micro market or vending machine.

1. Candy Bars

If you’re a chocolate purist, candy bars are the way to go. Everyone has a favorite candy bar that boosts their mood. Augusta vending machine users love this snack.

Employees love Snickers as a candy bar that eliminates hunger. Chocolate, peanuts, nougat, and caramel combine to make a satisfying treat. Or, there’s the range of Hershey’s bars — dark, milk, or even white chocolate. Let’s not forget the Three Musketeers, a perfect treat for those who prefer a smooth and creamy texture.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

A classic snack, chocolate chip cookies pair well with milk, one of the cold beverage options we offer. Or, have your cookie with a hot cup of coffee thanks to your gourmet Augusta office coffee service.

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Choose from endless brands of tasty cookies and top-selling snacks. Famous Amos cookies are known for their homemade taste. Employees can pick their favorite flavor. Try the Belgian chocolate and hazelnut varieties. If your team prefers a crispy cookie, they might like Tate’s Bake Shop. Grandma’s is another popular cookie brand to enjoy.

3. Ice Cream

On a hot day, nothing beats ice cream. Chocolate ice cream can be easy to include in your break room. Ask us to add it to your micro market or frozen food vending machine. This way, your team can cool off with a frozen treat.

There are some ice cream options you won’t want to miss. One crowd-pleaser is the Blue Bunny Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich. Also, Snickers or M&M’s ice cream are very popular. Ice cream options of the classic candies are the perfect way to cool off at work.

Upgrade Your Break Room with Riverside Refreshments

Treat your team to chocolate in the break room with Riverside Refreshments. We offer a variety of break room services customized to your needs. With our help, it’s easy to provide your Augusta team with their favorite treats.

Upgrading your break room to include favorite treats can boost morale. Plus, offering excellent refreshments can improve productivity. Instead of heading out to find snacks, employees can find what they need on-site.

Are you ready to upgrade your refreshment selections? Get in touch with Riverside Refreshments today at 706-793-2723. We look forward to serving you soon.

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5 Great Snacks in Augusta Break Rooms That Help Productivity

Ever heard of brain food? It’s a label for food and snacks that give your brain energy and clarity. These are great options to include in your workplace so that during breaks, staff can get a brain boost. That will help productivity. And since most brain food also tastes great, the team will be happy with the Augusta break room choices.

5 Great Brain-Boosting Snacks You’ll Find in Your Break Room

1. Nuts

Nutrient-rich, nuts are great for brain health. Walnuts, in particular, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and DHA, something that helps stop cognitive decline.

Whether plain, salted, or roasted, nuts are a convenient snack perfect for busy staff. They are available in Augusta vending machines alone or in other tasty products. Eat nuts in a trail mix with dried fruit for vitamin C or a Granola bar for added energy.

2. Apples

Look for packaged sliced apples, dried apples, or even whole apples in your Augusta micro-market. Packed with antioxidants like quercetin, apples block free radicals. This is good news for your cells and staying healthy.

The micro-market will also have plenty of other healthy snacks and beverages to enjoy thanks to the additional cooler and shelf space. It makes it a prized break room upgrade over vending machines.

3. Great Tuna Snacks

This low-calorie, high-protein food is rich in nutrients. Snack-sized tuna kits or pouches may be available from your Augusta vending machine or a well-stocked micro-market. That way you can enjoy the boost in mental clarity and well-being from this type of oily fish.

4. Dark Chocolate

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Eating dark chocolate in moderate amounts can be great for health. It contains flavanols, which are known for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Bonus, dark chocolate goes great with a cup of coffee from the office coffee brewer. Or even a cup of hot tea.

5. Greek Yogurt

Eating probiotic yogurt can help the digestive system, but did you know it can also aid mental health? MedicalNewsToday reports that studies show a healthy gut makes it easier to make neurotransmitters, such as serotonin. This can lead to less stress, depression, and anxiety.

Look for the mood-boosting yogurt in the food cooler of your Augusta micro-market for a protein-packed, probiotic snack.

Make Your Break Room THE Stop for Great Snacks

Providing snacks in the break room is vital for helping staff stay focused and working. Eating the right snacks can boost brain power, mental energy, and concentration. Ensure brain snacks like nuts, apples, tuna, dark chocolate, and Greek yogurt are stocked in your break room. That way Augusta employees can have easy snacks that drive up productivity. A win-win.

Let Riverside Refreshments provide these great snacks and more in your break room. We offer a full range of break room services from office coffee service to vending machines and much more. Give us a call at 706-793-2723. We look forward to working together.

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3 Reasons an Augusta Micro-Market is the Solution for Today’s Snacking Trends

There’s nothing like a tasty snack to help you get through the morning. It turns out that many people agree. A recent snacking trends survey shows that 86% of consumers snack regularly. A snack is the perfect way to boost your energy and mood.

So, how can you meet your employees’ needs when they want a snack? The latest snacking data shows how your employees are choosing to snack. They are making different choices than in the past. Some people replace meals with snacks. Others choose snacks based on their nutritional needs. Yet others want to read about snack sustainability stories.

What break room service solution is the best for today’s snacking trends? Put simply, an Augusta micro-market is the top solution. Why? Here are three reasons a micro-market is the ideal break room solution for today’s snacker.

How Micro-Markets Match Snacking Trends

Today, people are snacking in different ways. Fortunately, an Augusta micro-market fits in perfectly with snacking trends.

1. Personalized Snacks

Did you know that 90% of consumers around the world agree that everyone has different nutritional needs? In other words, people have different snacking needs. That means you need variety in your Augusta break room. A micro-market provides that!

Micro-markets are full of many different snacks. The open market concept means that hundreds of snacks, foods, and refreshing beverages can be stocked. At a micro-market, employees can find fresh fruit, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and many other snacks. They’re sure to find something that meets their dietary needs.

Augusta Micro-Market | Snacking Trends | Eco-friendly

2. Ability to Read the Label

As many as 68% of people check nutrition labels on snacks before buying them. A micro-market makes it easy to do just that. Glass front coolers and open shelves mean your employees can peruse the items as if they were in a small convenience store. That makes it easy to pick out healthy options! Employees can also compare similar snacks or beverages to see which best meets their needs.

3. Sustainable Packaging

Today, more people are looking for ways to go green. Up to 70% of consumers prefer to buy snacks that have less plastic packaging. Micro-markets make it possible to offer snacks in non-traditional packaging and sizes.

Add our Augusta water filtration service to your micro-market for a sustainability boost. Employees will be able to use reusable bottles and cups. Add a single-cup coffee machine for the same benefit!

We are committed to Augusta sustainability in other ways. We use modern technology to keep track of your micro-market products. That means we know exactly what to bring when restocking. In other words, we take fewer trips, lowering the carbon footprint of your micro-market.

Use Snacking Trends to Boost Your Augusta Company Morale

With a micro-market, you can improve your Augusta break room. It’s the perfect break room solution for meeting your employees’ snacking needs. Today’s snacking trends show that people want more variety and more choices. Micro-markets give that to them.

At Riverside Refreshments we’re here to help create a micro-market or any break room service to meet your needs. Get in touch today at 706-793-2723.