Break Room Updates for 2021 in Augusta

Break Room Updates in Augusta

The workplace, including the office break room, has changed. Historically, everyone went to the office to work. Companies then made a shift to having a large number of remote employees. Today, the pendulum has now settled somewhere in the middle. COVID-19 aside, Augusta companies want to bring their employees back to the office.

The days of sparsely decorated break rooms hidden at the back of the building are gone. Companies are redesigning their spaces to be open, communal areas. The new layouts promote spontaneous collaboration, inspire innovation, and increase morale.

One area that is no longer an afterthought is the break room. Gone are the spaces with poor lighting, basic table and chairs, and minimal amenities. To learn more about what your Augusta employees need and want, try surveying them. They know what they want.

Once it’s clear what your employees want, there are various options to choose from. Services include subsidized vending, office coffee service, and the micro-market.

Break Room Updates in Augusta

Vending Services but Better

    • Employees pay part of none of the cost for beverages, snacks, or meals
    • The perceived value is higher than the actual cost to employers
    • Employees are less likely to leave the office for a meal or break, increasing overall productivity

Is It a Store or a Break Room Micro-Market?

    • Open concept “mini” store with open shelving, glass-front coolers, and self-checkout technology
    • Allows employees to read nutrition labels before making a purchase
    • Supports healthier decisions by offering fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads, produce, and yogurt
    • Meets employees unique work and meal schedules

The In-House Coffee Experience

    • Creates a gourmet coffee-house experience without leaving the office
    • Includes a variety of teas and coffees
    • Uses high-tech brewing systems to create gourmet and traditional coffee

What would your employees prefer? We’d love to help you figure out which one fits your needs best. Think Riverside Refreshments as a partner that can help with all your Augusta break room needs.

To learn more about all our break room services, please contact us at 706-793-2723. We look forward to collaborating with you.