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Looking for a break room boost? At Riverside Refreshments we offer the best snack, food and beverage vending machines for your Edgefield office. Edgefield vending machines feature the latest in technology, from credit card readers, mobile app payment compatibility and so much more! With our convenient vending technology, your Edgefield employees will be able to maximize their break time every single day! Each Edgefield vending machine can be customized to house your favorite delicious meals, beverages and tasty snacks.


Looking for a productivity boost in your Edgefield office? Riverside Refreshments has you covered. We are partnered with the brands you know and love and offer the latest in brewing technology. From single cup brewers to traditional brewers and more, we have a brewer for every Edgefield break room. At Riverside Refreshments we are here to help make your Edgefield office coffee experience the absolute best and will be sure to keep your Edgefield break room stocked with creams, sugars, napkins, straws and more!

Hydration and productivity go hand in hand. Riverside Refreshments offers filtered water units that will keep your employees hydrated throughout the day! Whether you opt for a floor standing or counter top model, you can be sure that your employees will love the convenience and taste of an Edgefield water filtration unit.

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Bring the corner store to your Edgefield workplace with a custom micro-market from Riverside Refreshments! Edgefield micro-markets are similar to a small convenience store and offer everything from fresh salads and sandwiches to tasty treats and energizing snacks. Employees can simply grab a quick bite to eat any time of day, as Edgefield micro-markets are open 24/7 and come equipped with state-of-the-art security cameras for additional peace of mind! Edgefield micro-markets feature advanced kiosks which allow employees the ability to self-pay with their favorite debit/ credit card, Google Pay or Apple Wallet!

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