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Give your Aiken employees a vending experience they will look forward to! Aiken snack, food and beverage vending machines are completely customizable to meet your employees unique needs. At Riverside Refreshments we offer a variety of snack, food and beverage options. Your Aiken employees can fuel up with a delicious sandwich, salad, granola bar or hydrating beverage that keeps them energized and satisfied throughout the work day. From healthy to indulgent, we have what your employees want and need! Many of our Aiken vending machines offer touchless payment and the ability to pay with debit or credit card, so your employees never have to worry about carrying cash around the office again!


At Riverside Refreshments we are ready to put a professional office coffee service in your Aiken break room. Whether you’re looking to install a single cup brewer or choose to add a more traditional brewer to your Aiken office, we have something for you. Aiken office coffee brewing equipment is state of the art and features the latest technology so that you can have a stress-free office coffee experience every single day. Never worry about making sure your supplies are stocked, because at Riverside Refreshments we will be sure to keep your break room stocked with cream, sugar, cups, straws, napkins and whatever else you may need!

vending machines and office coffee service in Aiken

In addition to an unbeatable office coffee experience, Riverside Refreshments offers water filtration services that will keep your Aiken employees hydrated all day long. Choose from a countertop or floor standing model that fits perfectly in your Aiken break room! Aiken water filtration systems keep your employees hydrated all day long.

vending service and micro-markets in Aiken


Add a modern take on vending to your Aiken business with Riverside Refreshments! Micro-markets bring the corner store right to your office so employees will never have to worry about leaving work for a snack, drink or meal ever again. Aiken micro-markets are complete with racks, coolers and displays that can house dozens of different products.

From salads and sandwiches to chips, candy, granola bars, beverages and more, there really is something for every Aiken employee. Each micro-market is complete with a self checkout kiosk that allows customers to pay with their mobile device or debit/credit card to provide additional convenience every single day!

Aiken employees will have the unique opportunity to hand select from a variety of snacks, meals, beverages and healthy items. In each micro-market there is a self-checkout kiosk that allows Aiken employees to handle their own transactions, by paying with their favorite mobile app or debit/credit card. In addition, micro-markets have the ability to remain open 24/7, which means your Aiken employees can enjoy them whenever they are in the office!

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